Our Capabilities

Flash Animation

Adobe Flash is a graphics and programming environment with a multitude of uses and possibilities in the web context. We use Flash to create animations as well as the more sophisticated, interactive graphics-based content for our sites. It is also an effective method for adding video and audio content to a website. Our goal with Flash is to enhance the user's experience as they navigate our web designs.

Flash Player - the sofware which allows users to view and interact with Flash content - has a 99% penetration rate among web users making it extremely accessible. We find it wise, however, to use Flash conservatively in our web designs. Our design philosophy places an effective user experience as the first priority. Excessive Flash content for its own sake serves only to frustrate and slow a user's web experience. For this reason our graphics and animations exist to accentuate the main content of the site. Additionaly, every Net Perspective site is engineered so that they are fully accessible even if a user is not equipped with Flash Player.

In addition to its use for creating animations and graphics, Flash is an effective software package for creating web-based applications. We are always exploring new possibilties for this flexible tool. Some examples of web-based applications we have developed in Flash include:

See some examples of our Flash work

Our Standard Approach

At Net Perspective, we design websites using established industry standards for markup and seperation of content and structure. What this means for your business is built in SEO and a lower cost of ownership.

If you are interested in learning more about web standards, a good place to start is The Web Standards Project.