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Client: Austin Living Guide

A user customizable, content-rich home page. A user customizable, content-rich home page.

Full Website Design and Development
Launched: May 2008
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Austin's real estate market is a thriving thing. In fact, it is one of the few in the country that is still improving. The Ditlow Team, wants to highlight the great conditions in the market as well as educate potential customers on improving their lives in the Austin area; and they want to do it in an open, non-commercially charged arena. In short, they want to be "the comprehensive guide to achieving desired lifestyles through real estate".

Living The Details

From the beginning, Net Perspective knew we were aiming at high level design concepts. The site needed to be friendly and engaging while maintaining an authoritatively professional look Austin Living Guide typography detail. Typography and layout detail. that would engender trust among readers. We also needed to organize a large amount of disparate data so that it would be easily consumable by viewers who would not necessarily all be visiting the site for the same purpose. We accomplished all this by focusing on the details.

We began by organizing the content and navigation on a grid and then focusing on typography. We worked for an ideal text layout that would help the eye quickly scan the page and a level of readability befitting the experience represented by the authors. Other touches include the color coding of each of the main categories and interlinking articles to make recent content always just one click away.

Our Clients Say. . .

"Our experience with Net Perspective has been nothing short of stellar. At the beginning, we only had a rough sketch of what we were looking for and needed a lot of help getting the ideas we had out of our heads and into the virtual world.

"The team at Net Perspective met with us and immediately we felt like we had chosen the right people for the job, even though we are in separate cities. The communication between us and them has been easy, efficient, and as you can see, highly successful!" - The Ditlow Team
Austin Living Guide
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