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Client: Hurricane Harry's

A detail-rich home page. A detail-rich home page.

Full Website Design and Development
Launched: December 2008
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Hurricane Harry's has been a mainstay of the College Station, TX night scene for decades. Known for hosting the top Texas Country musical talent on a weekly basis, when Harry's wanted their online presence to match their local reputation they came to Net Perspective.

We delivered a design that is full of details that recalls the experience of visiting the central Texas honky-tonk. Wood, paint, and plenty of texture speak to the gritty, no-nonsense attitude of so many Texans.

Of prime importance are the upcoming musical performers and other events that make Harry's such a popular destination. These demand a great deal of the real estate along with such neccessities as drink specials and party pics.

Our Clients Say. . .

"I cannot thank your bright team enough. With almost no guidance, you have developed three websites with great appeal.

"I still remember dropping by your office 2 or 3 days before New Year's Eve in 2006 with one piece of paper and a list of speakers for the Berg Memorial Lecture Series. A couple of weeks later, we had a great website that memorialize an outstanding scientist." - Dr. Luc Ikelle
Professor of Petroleum Seismology at Texas A&M University
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